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Our vision

To grow and transform an organization needs executives with a vision, who put a clear dot on the horizon and who help build new propositions. Leaders that embrace new ways of working and commit themselves to an innovative corporate culture.

Not the traditional manager who maintains order, but a groundbreaker and connecting force who leads the way with digital savviness and creativity and knows how to bring people along.

We offer

Challenging the status quo

Distinctive candidates who match the strategic direction and culture of your business. Candidates who have a vision and the ambition to truly advance your company.

Fast and effective service

The duration of an executive search trajectory with NOVIXI is on average 2 weeks. During that period we quickly and effectively present the right candidate for your company.

A 100% succes rate

We help you create the right profile and search for a suitable candidate. NOVIXI is dedicated to your long-term success and committed to make a joint impact.

How we distinguish ourselves
NOVIXI distinguishes itself by primarily addressing ambition and motivation of these new leaders.
A genuine interest in the candidates as part of a healthy start to a successful and sustainable match. The leaders of the new world won’t solely be impressed by big names. High performers want to be found for challenges that help them advance in life, meaningful challenges in inspirational settings.
NOVIXI enthuses and inspires to set candidates in motion.
Our goal is to move people based on their intrinsic motivation, personal goals and drives. This way we have access to candidates who genuinely want to make a difference.
We thoroughly question both parties, where others are already thinking about the next client. We carry on where the usual suspects don’t.
We maximize the interests of both candidate and client.

Mirjam is an excellent sparringspartner for searching talent. Her drive is to truly understand your business and your values, and being able to transfer that to possible new colleagues. I feel very comfortable with her on my side.

Wendy Aendekerk


Mirjam uses her head, heart, and soul to find the best match between people and companies. She researches, analyzes, questions, challenges, and surprises. Mirjam’s search approach is intense, fully involved and with a very genuine, deep interest in the company and the candidates. Super-fast & professional, but always exceptionally personal.

Frank Eyssen

Partner/Director Digital Transformation

In recent years Mirjam has successfully filled several vacancies at board level for me. Mirjam distinguishes herself emphatically through her personal and transparent approach. She does not hesitate to give her valuable opinion. In addition to her professional attitude and relevant input, she is also always in control in a positive way. This means that as a client and candidate you always have a very comfortable feeling where the outcome is always certain: joint success! And Mirjam is also just a very pleasant and nice person.

Joost de Bruin


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